Windows update cannot currently check for updates in Windows 8, 7 or Vista

This is a very common error which seemingly occurs in Windows 7, 8 and Vista when the Windows Temporary Update folder happens to be corrupted.

In order to fix this error, follow the methods provided below:

Method 2: Solve the Windows Update cannot check for Update manually

Step 1: Stop the Windows Services

In order to do this, perform the following steps:

  • Click on the Windows + R button together. The Run dialog box should appear.
  • Type in services.mcs in the Run dialog box.
  • Search for Windows Update service from the pop-up menu and right-click on to stop.
  • Without closing the pop-up window, perform the following steps.

Step 2: Delete or Rename the Windows Temporary folder

In order to do this, perform the following step:

  • Open My Computer and open “C:Windows” folder
  • Delete the folder named as “SoftwareDistribution”. You can even Rename it. (example: SoftwareDestributionNEW).

Step 3: Navigate over to the Windows Update service pop-up window

  • Right on the Windows Services option and start the same.
  • Re-try updating Windows again.

Method 2: Install KB3102810 Standalone Update

·         Download the KB3102810 file from the Internet and install the same.

·         Restart your system.

·         Stop the Windows Services as has been mentioned in the steps above.

·         Delete the SoftwareDistribution Folder as has been mentioned in the above steps.

·         Restart your system and try checking for Updates again.

·         Let your computer be turned on for about an hour approximately and then come back to see if your system has taken on any updates or not.

Method 4: Updating the Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver in order to solve the problem

Install the latest Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver from the Internet so that your updates can be resumed on your system, back to normal.

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