Windows 10 1809 Update fails to be Installed

Microsoft happened to release the Windows 10 1809 October Update but some of the users reported that whilst installing the same, the system freezes and restarts without any update occurring.

Some of the symptoms which the users face are as follows:

Symptom 1: During the installation of the recent Windows 10 program file, the system gets frozen at the Windows Logo and the system needs to be forced shutdown using the power switch

Symptom 2: while installation of the Windows 10 October Update occurs then the system does not get updated and gets restored to the previous version of Windows. After this, the system again checks for update and the error code 0x800F081F shows on screen.

How to Fix the above-mentioned problem?

Method 1: Force Windows 10 to download the Windows 10 October Update from the Scratch

Step 1: Delete the Windows Update Folder

  • Press Windows + R button on your keyboard to open the Run Dialog Box
  • Type in the command “services.MSc” and click on OK
  • From the provided list of services, right-click on Windows Update Service
  • Click on Stop
  • Close the Services Windows
  • Navigate over to Windows Explorer and go to C:\Windows folder
  • Look for the SoftwareDistribution folder and delete the same
  • Restart your system

Step 2: Download and install the Update again

  • After restarting your system, check for Updates again
  • Let Windows download and install the Update again

Method 2: Download and Install the latest Servicing Stack Update

  • Download and install the latest Servicing Stack Update for your current Windows 10 update
  • Run the downloaded file
  • After completion of the installation, try to update your system again

Method 3: Download & Install the Windows 10 October Update manually

  • Delete the SoftwareDistribution folder as mentioned in the above steps
  • Navigate over to the Windows 10 latest update download site and download the required file
  • Run the Program after downloading
  • Finally, click on the Update Now button and update will be followed

Method 4: Install the Windows 10 October update with the help of an in-place Upgrade

Another method which might help you to overcome this update failure is by performing a Windows 10 repair upgrade with the help of Windows Media Creation Tool. You could do this either in a CD with an ISO file or in a USB.

So these are the only methods which might help you to overcome the failure of the Windows 10 update.

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