How to fix system thread exception not handled error in Windows 10?

Everyone wants their computer to be started immediately after they start it. All you want is to see the desktop so that you can carry on with your work from that moment. But this does not happen every time. Sometimes you may see a blue screen instead of loading desktop with error-system thread exception not handled.


Updating the problematic driver

In such error, the most problem takes place with faulty drivers especially graphics card driver. An error may be seen as system thread exception not handled along with igdkm64.sys. in case of any issues with the driver and distracting because of other programs or drivers, then rebooting the computer cannot be done.

Here we will advise you about what you have to do. First, you need to press two buttons together windows+R key on your keyboard then you need to start the command. Then you command portal you need to type cmd and then press enter key and again you have to type eventvwr and then again you need to press enter key and then you need to expand the windows logs and then click on the system.

You need to click the tab and then go to the source. There you will see the driver that is leading some of the error called system thread exception not handles. Once you find the exact drive which is affected just update it.

Need to check the hardware compatibility

In many cases, incompatible drivers also result in an error. In many cases, those blue screen error occurs after any update on your Windows 10. You need to make sure that that hardware which is incompatible is installed.

You need to check the BIOS updates also

There are many reasons that can cause this problem such as incompatible BIOS, Memory conflict, and IRQ conflict. This can be very easy if you people know how to update these BIOS by your own. If you don’t know then you should always take help from others.

This can be one of the reasons that can help you to solve the problem that happens on your computer. This is some of the problems can happen with any windows 10 you don’t need to panic. You just have to go through this article to work on the error and find what the problem that system is suffering from is. Don’t use any other system which is not mentioned.

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