Fix Laptop’s “Plugged In not Charging” Issue

In this busy world when you come across some problems related to the laptop become a burden because the day starts with a laptop and even ends with the same. One of the common problems of a laptop is that the laptop is plugged in but it’s not charging. It is one of the common problems and there some of the effective solutions which we r going to discuss it in this article. When you will face this error with your laptop you will notice that the charging icon showing that the charger is connected but the strange thing is that your battery is not getting a charge at all. At the time you will even find that the battery level is 0% even after it is plugged for a long time. Below is some of the solution that you can use.

  • You need to unplug the battery:

This solution is one of the important things you should definitely try before trying anything. You just have to remove the battery from your laptop and then unplug the USB device connected to your laptop. Once you are done with the work you need to press and hold the power button for almost 10 seconds and then again you have to plug in the battery and put it in charge once again. Check whether your laptop is charging or not.

  • You need to update the battery driver:

You need to follow some of the steps like you need to press the windows key+R on your keyboard and then you have to type devmgmt.msc and then you need to press enter which will allow opening device manager. Then you need to expand the battery area for that you need to right-click on Microsoft ACPI compliant control method battery and then you need to select the update driver software. You need to choose to browse my computer for driver software and then you need to click from a list of device drivers on my computer and from the next list you have to get select the current driver and then hit the next button. Then tap on yes when you are asked for confirmation and then you need to begin the process for updating the drivers.

After all of these steps, you have to close all the programs running on your computer and then reboot the whole system.

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