How to create system backup and do a system restores in Windows 10

There may be various reasons but the most important thing is you have kept backing up your system. In the past, it can be you have already completed the backup. System restore in windows is not set as default settings but you can easily customize it or enable it depending on your needs. This article will give you an idea about creating a system back up and also restoring the system in Windows 10. Creating back up and do a system restore in windows are very easy and you can even do it on your own.

img_56996c4create system backup and do a system restores

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Fix Windows Edge Not Working

After creators update if your car getting the error Microsoft Edge is not working on your Windows 10 then it is a very common error and you don’t have worry much. In this article, we will talk about the fixes that you can do with this error of windows edge not working.

Reinstall Via Powershell

If this windows edge is not working then you must reinstall it which can be helpful. You need to press windows key and at the same time and then you have to type PowerShell. Then you need to right-click on the windows PowerShell and then choose run as administrator.

You have to click whenever you are promoted for administrator permission. You have to pass some command in the powershell windows.

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

After all this you need to wait until the process is completed.

Clean Boot the computer

You need to restart the system or you need to clean the boot. This can help to run the computer by using very less number of programs and drivers. Then you need to press some command on your keyboard at the same time Windows Key + R  and then you have to type msconfig and you have to press on entering.

Then you have to go to the tab of head and then you have to click on start-up and then you have to open the task manager. Then you have to select every item that appear on the list and then you have to click on Disable. Now you have closed the task manager and then restart the computer.

Group Policy Editor can be useful

On your keyboard you have to select two keys at the same time Windows key+S and then type group policy and then click on an edit group policy. Then towards the left side, you will see computer configuration and then move to administrative templates and then go to windows components. Now you have to select allow deployment operations in the special profiles in the right side. Then click on enable and then again select apply and then press ok.

Reinstall your Windows 10 on your computer

If you have tried all the methods then also the error is still there then you have to refresh or reinstall windows 10 on your system. This method can help you in many ways.

Fix Laptop’s “Plugged In not Charging” Issue

In this busy world when you come across some problems related to the laptop become a burden because the day starts with a laptop and even ends with the same. One of the common problems of a laptop is that the laptop is plugged in but it’s not charging. It is one of the common problems and there some of the effective solutions which we r going to discuss it in this article. When you will face this error with your laptop you will notice that the charging icon showing that the charger is connected but the strange thing is that your battery is not getting a charge at all. At the time you will even find that the battery level is 0% even after it is plugged for a long time. Below is some of the solution that you can use.

  • You need to unplug the battery:

This solution is one of the important things you should definitely try before trying anything. You just have to remove the battery from your laptop and then unplug the USB device connected to your laptop. Once you are done with the work you need to press and hold the power button for almost 10 seconds and then again you have to plug in the battery and put it in charge once again. Check whether your laptop is charging or not.

  • You need to update the battery driver:

You need to follow some of the steps like you need to press the windows key+R on your keyboard and then you have to type devmgmt.msc and then you need to press enter which will allow opening device manager. Then you need to expand the battery area for that you need to right-click on Microsoft ACPI compliant control method battery and then you need to select the update driver software. You need to choose to browse my computer for driver software and then you need to click from a list of device drivers on my computer and from the next list you have to get select the current driver and then hit the next button. Then tap on yes when you are asked for confirmation and then you need to begin the process for updating the drivers.

After all of these steps, you have to close all the programs running on your computer and then reboot the whole system.

Isass.exe- What is it? Is it Safe? How to remove Isass error?

Issass.exe takes care of the security policy of the system and this comes with Microsoft Windows. Now you need to understand what this isass.exe all about is.

Windows Update Service not running

It is one of the important files as it verifies when you log in, restricts you from getting access to certain locations, and even check password plus it even takes care of the tokens that enable. This process is very necessary for writing windows security login. If in any case, you stop running this file you have to reboot the system to get back to its normal function.

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How to Fix HTTP 503 Service Unavailable Error

This error HTTP 503 is a very common error which states that the website server which you are findings is not available at the moment. This mainly occurs because the website server is very busy or even when the maintenance work is going on.

Fixing HTTP 503 service unavailable error

You need to restart the router and the modern and then you need to restart the device. Whenever you face this problem of 503 services unavailable you need to rest the system and try again so that you can reach the site you want to. You can even get in touch with the owner of the website directly. As the site administer knows about the error if in any case, they don’t know about the issues then you can directly contact the site owner about the issue on their site and suggest them to resolve it. as nowadays the website gets a lot of traffic due to visitors visiting the sites this error is one of the common problems on the sites. If you are little bit patent about the site then you can even go back to another site and can go back again to the same site you wanted to open.

It’s very important that you should always update all the software on a regular basis. There are numbers of malicious spam and software which can also give rise to this 503 error. It’s very important to talk to the hosting provider to solve this problem and come up with solutions. It’s very important to update the software as soon as you get any system update in the system.

Client users

If you receive 503 service unavailable errors while accessing a particular project of the web through the browser you may be unaware of the exact reason. What you may think is that you are receiving the message because of maintenance work by the operator website.

There are many sites which method the time or the date you can use or serve the site. If in any case, you can’t see the timing then you just need to refresh the page and try to reload this aging.  

All the methods which are mention are very helpful and you can solve all the problems related to this error HTTP 503. If you want you can even contact the owner of the site and can sort out the problem related to this error 503.

How to fix Keyboard not working in Windows 10

Do not panic if you belong ton those groups who converted their windows to windows 10 and their keyboard is not working. Below we will suggest you some of the methods that you can do to resolve this problem.

Adjust the keyboard settings

Filter keys is a setting which comes with windows and it can be helpful to manage the keystrokes hit accidentally. On the other hand, if the settings are turned on then it can lead to some major problems in keyboard functions. This can even stop the keyboard from working in the windows 10. You just need to check if the filter key setting is on and you just need to off it then you need to check if the issues are fixed.

You just need to go the desktop of your computer and then click on the icon Action center which is even located at the lower right and then click on all settings. Then in click on ease of access and then click on the keyboard. Just make sure that the filter keys are off and then close the windows 10.

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How to delete browser History in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer

Here we will explain to you how to delete Browsing History in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. The browsing history not only contains information about the website that you have used but even contain those passwords that you have used to open personal social accounts and the information that you have entered in various forms. When it comes to internet explorer or Microsoft edge the way in which history can be deleted can defer a lot.

Microsoft Edge

Below we will tell you what to do in order to view the browsing history in Microsoft edge.

To find and access the browning history you need to select Hub and then need to go to history. Now you need to select those data that you want to delete from the computer and then choose clear history. In case if you want to clear the browser history from Crotona. If you using Crotona and want to clear all the browser then you need to select change what Microsoft Edge knows about me in the cloud and then select clear browsing history. Below is the list that you need to delete when you choose to clear the browsing history on the computer.

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Ctfmon.exe – What is it? Is it safe? How to remove ctfmon.exe error?

This type of files are called executable files are mainly harmful to the computer as Ctmon.exe is. This comes from Microsoft itself and plays a very bad role when it attaches to windows and this can lead to many problems in the future.

Is this file safe?

It is still in doubt whether ctfmon.exe is safe or not or whether it is a virus or not. But CTFMON.EXE is not a virus file. The real version of it is very much safe and is running by CTF loader which is of the Microsoft.

How to deal or remove the ctfmon.exe error?

Below are some of the gullies which will help you to remove this error and can make your computer or system free from the problems. You just need to follow the steps very carefully.

Step 1: You need to repair the registered entries related to MSDN Disc 2085

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Code 28 – The Driver For This Device Are Not Installed Error

The people who use Windows OS have come across many problems where the system stopped to recognize the whole device connected to the whole system. When all this happens the device manager did not consider as a device. If your device is affected by this code 28 then this means that you have not yet installed the latest version of the device drivers on your device. That means that it is very important to install this latest version on your computer. Below are some of the fixes give that you can use when your computer is affected by this code 28.

You need to install the necessary drivers for your computer

You can only apply this method or fixer when you are sure that what drive needs the treatment in your system. In this case, there is a CD given by the manufacturer that you have to just install. If the CD is not available with you then you can install the same from the manufacturer’s website and always make sure that you should install the main drive in your computer.

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How to Fix Error Code 0xc000000f on Windows 10

0xc000000f is an error which does not allow any updates if there are any issues with the memory. If the configurations database files are missing and are being corrupted along with some of the important file and then windows are failed to start. This can be one of the worst situations you can be ever. But you don’t have to worry as this error comes with a solution and have many reasons to occur.

There can be some data cable issues.

  • The file system can be even corrupted.
  • There can be even improper shutdown or incomplete installation.

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