How to Fix “Outlook data file cannot be accessed” Error (Solved)

Sometimes during the operation of “Send/Receive Progress” in the Outlook 2013, the following error named as “Outlook data file cannot be accessed” occurs. This error mainly occurs when the Outlook profile is corrupted or during the transfer of Outlook.PST file to some other location on your computer system or hard disk drive.

After some researches, the error could be solved without any hassle using the following steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Open “Account Settings” in Outlook

Step 2: On the “E-mail” tab click on the problem and highlight the same. Then press on “Change Folder”

Step 3: Click on “New Outlook data file”

Step 4: Give a name for the new data file and click on “OK”

Step 5: Expand the new data file and click on the “Inbox” subfolder located there. Click on “OK”

Step 6: On the Account Settings Window, click on “Change Folder” option again

Step 7: Click on the correct data file or folder where you want to store your e-mail messages. Press “OK”

Step 8: Close the “Account Settings” window and click on “Send/Receive”

Hopefully, your Outlook Account will be working normally just like before.

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