How to fix Keyboard not working in Windows 10

Do not panic if you belong ton those groups who converted their windows to windows 10 and their keyboard is not working. Below we will suggest you some of the methods that you can do to resolve this problem.

Adjust the keyboard settings

Filter keys is a setting which comes with windows and it can be helpful to manage the keystrokes hit accidentally. On the other hand, if the settings are turned on then it can lead to some major problems in keyboard functions. This can even stop the keyboard from working in the windows 10. You just need to check if the filter key setting is on and you just need to off it then you need to check if the issues are fixed.

You just need to go the desktop of your computer and then click on the icon Action center which is even located at the lower right and then click on all settings. Then in click on ease of access and then click on the keyboard. Just make sure that the filter keys are off and then close the windows 10.

Check the USB port

When you up to great your computer from OS to windows version sometimes it can be that the USB port stops working all of the sudden. It can be because there may be some issues with the drive. Always make sure that you check for the issues before adopting any other methods. You can even check the USB port by plugging it another USB service in place of a keyboard. If the USB port responds then there is no problem with the USB port but if the USB port doesn’t work there is a problem. 

You need to re-install the keyboard driver

You need to fix the issue in case the drive has some fault if the keyboard stops working. You need to right click the start button and then click the device manager and then expand d the option of keyboard and the click like standard PS/2 keyboard and then click on installation. Then again restart the computer after the un-installed process is over.

Update keyboard as well as the USB driver

Outdated USB driver and keyboard can be one of the most common reasons for keyboard not working properly. You can even get the entire appropriate driver for the USB port and the keyboard. Other all is automatically and one is manual.  

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