How to delete browser History in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer

Here we will explain to you how to delete Browsing History in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. The browsing history not only contains information about the website that you have used but even contain those passwords that you have used to open personal social accounts and the information that you have entered in various forms. When it comes to internet explorer or Microsoft edge the way in which history can be deleted can defer a lot.

Microsoft Edge

Below we will tell you what to do in order to view the browsing history in Microsoft edge.

To find and access the browning history you need to select Hub and then need to go to history. Now you need to select those data that you want to delete from the computer and then choose clear history. In case if you want to clear the browser history from Crotona. If you using Crotona and want to clear all the browser then you need to select change what Microsoft Edge knows about me in the cloud and then select clear browsing history. Below is the list that you need to delete when you choose to clear the browsing history on the computer.

Cookies and save data on different websites

  • Cached data and files
  • Media licenses
  • Browsing history
  • Sponsored Ads
  • From data
  • Location permissions
  • Download history
  • Passwords
  • Full-screen permissions
  • Compatibility permissions
  • Pop-up exceptions

Internet Explorer

In this internet explorer, the browsing history refers to the information that is stored in your Computer as you have searched and browsed through the web and the entire website. This even stores all information’s and the links that you have searched, all the different websites, the passwords, and the URL of the site you have visited.  How will you view the browsing history on the internet explorer and then delete it is the big question that arises on your mind.  You just need to select the button called Favourites in Internet Explorer and then you need to select the tab called history and then select the use the filter that helps you to view the history the way you want from the menu. If you want to delete the sites you need right click on the sites from the list and then choose the delete button or you can even click on the site to visit the sites again.


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