How to check Disk Using CHKDSK in Windows 10

CHKDSK is also known as check disk which helps in checking the error in your hard drive and correct it if there. It also helps at troubleshooting all the read error and all the error linked with the storage system. Below are some of the tips which can help you to check disk using CHKDSH in your windows 10.

Run CHKDSK through your computer

You need to open the file explorers then you have to click on this compute and then right click on hard disk on which you want to run this check disk. Then you have to check on the windows to open properties then click on tools. Then you have to click on the check located underneath error checking and then this check disk will start running on your Windows 7 or 10.

Run CHKDSK with command prompt

To run the check disk through command prompt first you have to press two buttons windows+X from your keyboard together and then you have to select the command prompt to open the command prompt. CHKDSK X is the command you have to type on the command prompt. You just need to replace the X with the drive you want to scan. Then after all this, you have to press the button to enter button so theta the process can automatically start.

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Run CHKDSK using Cortana

Fist you have to go through the above steps to open the command prompt and then CHKDSK X: /F is the command you have to type. Just replace the X by the drives you want to scan in your computer. This Cortana will help you to run and execute the command prompt automatically. This check disk can take a lot more time when you will try on large devices. After all this execution of this CHDSK command all the thing will be displayed on the screen with all the details.

If there are any errors found then it will be connected automatically by CHKDSK command which comes with every window like windows 7 or 10. This takes place only when the hard drive stops working correctly and CHKSDK is very much efficient for detecting the failure of the hard drive. So this will block some of your oil’s bad sector. There are many sectors which may not be detected but some major problems related to drive failure can easily be identified and blocked by using the command CHKDSK.

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