How to fix error code 0xc00000e9 in windows 10

This error is mainly caused dues to the memory space issues or hard disk related issues. You can also encounter these issues by encountering this 0xc00000e9 error after installing any update’s or any updating to newer OS versions.

After completing all the issues and installing process and while starting the windows you can receive an error message which will say recovery there was a problem with a device connected to this PC. Furthermore, you can even read an unexpected I/O error has occurred which is error code 0xc00000e9. There is much more reason which can cause this problem windows update, outdates Pc Drivers, incomplete installation, damaged, unplugged hard-disk, and corrupted registry files.

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Disk issues

You just have to check the hard disk first, You have to check is it connected properly or is there any dust particle in between the connection. After checking everything its very import to restart the system to check whether the problem is solved or this problem is fixed the error code 0xc00000e9. If then also it is not fixed then you need to follow some of the important instructions.

You need to open the command prompt and then you have to write “chkdsj c”. You need to enter this command without those quotes and then you have to press enter in the windows. Then you have to pass some command “/f/r/x” to ensure, check the verification and also to fix and recover the bad space in the memory. This will help in recovering the bad space in the memory and fix the disk issues as well. After all the changes you need to restart the computer or system. After all this, you need to check if there is any more error code 0x80070020 there or not.

Repair corrupted system files

You need to open the command prompt and then write sfc/scanner and then enter press enter. The system will automatically generate the scanning process which will bring out all the unwanted application and files in your system and then you just have to fix them all. If there is any corrupted file then the files will come on screen or displayed and will get repaired by its own by replacing all the specific files by another using cache memory. Then you have to restart the computer or the system to check if the error code 0xc00000e9 is fixed or not in your windows 10.

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