How to fix code 0x80070643 in Windows 10

This error code 0x80070643 comes up when you do a windows update. there are many solutions which can help in solving this problem there is no particular solution which can work. This mainly causes because of some of the reasons like corrupting system files, virus infection, windows feature required authentication for an update, and installed antivirus. This is one of the main reason which does not all windows to work because of this error code 0x80070643. Below is some of the solution which you can try to get read of this error code.

  • Repairing corrupted system files: you need to open a command prompt and then you need to enter Sfc/scan now in the prompt windows. This will allow the system to initiate automatically scan process where the whole system file will be checked and this will allow finding out all the corrupted files. The error will be displayed on the screen the all the files will be replaced automatically. Then you need to restart the system to know if there is any change or the error code is solved or not. If this error code 0x80070643 is not solved you need to try another solution.


  • Repairing the virus infection: the things you install in your computer always need an antivirus to work and scan the process so that there is no problem in the system. The problems can be solved by the process of scanning the system. This will allow finding out the entire problem and will even find out the corrupted applications. With your permission, it will delete it or update it to you. This can even help in solving the problem and will help to fix the problem on your own.


  • Disable the entire antivirus: if the above step does not help in fixing the error code 0x80070643 in your windows 10 then this process can help you a lot. The entire installed antivirus should be updated. You just need a proper scan. You just need to run a system scan for all the installed antivirus or software on your system. Then you need to uninstall the antivirus or you can even disable it then you need to restart the system. If it is hard for you to disable it then you can even visit the official website of the antivirus and disable it. Then you need to check if the error codes are disabled or not.


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