Windows Update Service not running

Windows released its recent update on the 21st of May, which would be currently available for download from the Windows Update Servers from each and every computer system respectively.

However, in some of the PCs, it has been seen that the latest update of Windows is not getting downloaded as well as installed for any reason whatsoever.

Below mentioned are some of the methods where you can easily find out about some of the solutions which might help you to overcome this Windows Update Service update failure.

Windows Update Service not running

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Windows update cannot currently check for updates in Windows 8, 7 or Vista

This is a very common error which seemingly occurs in Windows 7, 8 and Vista when the Windows Temporary Update folder happens to be corrupted.

In order to fix this error, follow the methods provided below:

Method 2: Solve the Windows Update cannot check for Update manually

Step 1: Stop the Windows Services

In order to do this, perform the following steps:

  • Click on the Windows + R button together. The Run dialog box should appear.
  • Type in services.mcs in the Run dialog box.
  • Search for Windows Update service from the pop-up menu and right-click on to stop.
  • Without closing the pop-up window, perform the following steps.

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Windows 10 1809 Update fails to be Installed

Microsoft happened to release the Windows 10 1809 October Update but some of the users reported that whilst installing the same, the system freezes and restarts without any update occurring.

Some of the symptoms which the users face are as follows:

Symptom 1: During the installation of the recent Windows 10 program file, the system gets frozen at the Windows Logo and the system needs to be forced shutdown using the power switch

Symptom 2: while installation of the Windows 10 October Update occurs then the system does not get updated and gets restored to the previous version of Windows. After this, the system again checks for update and the error code 0x800F081F shows on screen.

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How to Fix “Outlook data file cannot be accessed” Error (Solved)

Sometimes during the operation of “Send/Receive Progress” in the Outlook 2013, the following error named as “Outlook data file cannot be accessed” occurs. This error mainly occurs when the Outlook profile is corrupted or during the transfer of Outlook.PST file to some other location on your computer system or hard disk drive.

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How To Fix Msmpeng.exe In Windows 10

Microsoft Security Essentials is quite a good antivirus for your system however in some cases it has been observed that the ‘msmpeng.exe’ causes quite a trouble with high CPU usage. The Msmpeng.Exe is the Antimalware software for the Microsoft Security Essentials in the system.

If you want to lessen the msmpeng.exe high CPU usage on your system, then you could try out the following solutions for the same.


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How to Fix Kernel Security Check Failure In Windows 10

The Kernel Security Check Failure is the process which when occurs in a PC after updating its driver or the OS. An error might occur right at the end of the update completion.

The symptoms of this error are Windows might just randomly crash and therefore it is just quite impossible to enter the windows environment again. However, some of the methods which are mentioned below might just help you to get out of this troublesome situation without any hassle.

Fixing Kernel Security Check Failure

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How to Fix “DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE” Error In Windows 10

If your Windows OS does not start properly due to the Driver Power State Failure then you can resolve this issue by following the methods which are given below.

Case 1: Enabling Safe Mode in a working Windows 10 environment

Step 1: Press the Windows Key + R to open up the Run dialog box

Step 2: Type ‘MSConfig’ and press Enter

Step 3: Click on the ‘Boot’ tab and click on ‘Safe Boot’ option

Step 4: Click on OK button and restart your device

driver power state failure

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